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May 2, 2011

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Men’s suits for the best price. Buying a men’s suit in Toledo is made simple by Diamond’s men’s shop. The key to buying great men’s  suits in Toledo is having great brand selection, a great tailor, and a reliable company to buy from. Diamond’s Men’s show is all three of these. Be sure to check out all the links on our website and all the great name brands that we carry.

Once you buy a men’s suit from Diamond’s Men’s Shop in Toledo there are some simple steps to keep the suit looking its best:

Suit care should be on the top of your to do list once you purchase your suit. Some things to consider are: dry cleaning, tailoring, storage and moth protection.


Moth Protection – It would be a great tragedy if you wore a $1,000.00 suit once and then found it had been eaten by moths the second time you went to wear it.

Suit Storage – You’ll want to have your suit ready to wear at all times which means curled up in a ball under your bed is not an option.

Suit Alterations – Unless you plan on staying the exact same size all of your life you will probably need to find a good tailor.

Dry Cleaning – If you decide to just pop your suit in the washing machine you can probably forget about ever being able to wear it again.